Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to My Dysfunctional Diary

Hmmmm.... Let's try this again.

It amazes me that you can write something and all of a sudden your entire blog posts ends up in the stratosphere. Well, now that I have your attention, please sit back and get comfortable because I have a lot to share, write and say. 
Let me introduce myself:
I collect boxes
I love the beach 
I don't look like the picture above
I am creative
I love to create
I love cats
I don't have a cat
I am a super duper person to know
I like Criminal Minds
Food Network
Lucy in the morning
I am on Twitter
I hate to exercise
I am a Lifetime fanatic
I am from the Midwest, no I didn't live on a farm
I am glad you stuck around this long 
I hope you come back again

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