Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I feel just like this picture looks
going into nothing
Some might say, that it looks like a "T" for time will
heal all things.
Not for me however
I  have a lung disease
insurance red tape they say
can't fix it unless
insurance will pick the tab up
who has an extra 6 grand lying around?
ME: I don't even have money to buy food
THEM: sorry but we can't help you
ME: oh o.k. thanks so much for 
being a super duper insurance company

The poor can't win
or get ahead
or do much of anything
I worked hard in my life
to get where I am now
and you tell me I can't get
treated because I am poor?
Doesn't make a lot of sense

Hopefully next year I will be here
rattling away on this keyboard
same place, same time.

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